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Date: 1/24/2017 1:00 PM EST

It has been my observation over the last several decades that people in this country seem to define themselves by their ill health.

Conversations surrounding our personal health issues in social settings are about as common as small talk about the weather.  Seemingly harmless, but for me it reveals something a little more...

Some of us like to have a chronic illness and somehow once there is a name attached to it, it gives credibility.

We are the only ones that have the ability to truly take care of ourselves because everywhere we go...there we are.

If we take care of ourselves, then we take our power back...plain and simple.

What if we lived in a place and time where we didn't discuss our ill health as if it were a badge of honor.  

Small talk about upcoming medical procedures and tests, cholesterol, blood pressure and A1C numbers would be replaced with healthy recipes, how many miles we walked or cycled and how we slept like a baby then woke up refreshed, ready to face the day.

Imagine the butterfly effect it would have on our society raising the bar to become the best version of ourselves in order to carry out our lives?

Food is Healthcare!
We all should know this, yet we refuse to do it because....healthy food is too expensive, right?
Well, so are pharmaceuticals.
Yet we are paying insurance premiums for something that resembles healthcare when in reality it is only disease management.

And from a financial standpoint we think it makes more sense to pay a copay and prescriptions to manage our chronic illness when whole food is really the long term answer.
So, a culture shift is needed before this situation bottoms out.  

God designed our bodies to heal themselves but we have to facilitate this healing.

Food in its whole unaltered state was created by God for medicine.
Our bodies are not sick because of a pharmaceutical deficiency....our bodies are sick because of a nutrient deficiency.
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Hello Sylvia,
I just wanted to commend you on how outstanding the shrimp & avocado Pico de Gallo was today! The flavors were so fresh, savory and delicious! I enjoyed every last bite! I look forward to being able to share these incredible flavors with my family & friends! Thank you again!
- Sincerely, Leo Rodriguez Goyco

Sylvia Anton with The Holistic Garden has been coaching me for a year about adequate supplementation to my meal plan.

After assessing my current health, during a Health History Assessment, recommendations were made to assist me in providing the most effective solution(s) while taking into consideration my lifestyle and what comfortably fits into my schedule so that I can continue to commit the progression of my own health to myself.

Over the past year this is the only change I have made so there is no doubt in my mind, my improved blood work is due to the supplements Sylvia has recommended along with her careful guidance.

Thank you, Sylvia, for your Health Coaching, guidance and care.

Chrisoula Miller

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