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Date: 12/31/2016 2:30 PM EST

Exposure to natural sunlight prompts the body to produce a chemical called serotonin, a natural anti depressant.  
Since some become more depressed during Winter months the conclusion was drawn, by the medical industry, that limited exposure to the sun during those Winter months must be the cause.

Hence, the condition, Seasonal Affective Disorder was born.  This may be true, in part and for some but it is interesting to me that the beginning of daylight savings time, which occurs in mid Fall when days are becoming shorter and exposure to sunlight is limited, is the same time that we Americans are feasting on junk food....Standard American Diet.

From Halloween till the end of the year, we have managed to wreck our bodies with the leftover Halloween candy, rich food and alcohol, staying up late at parties, not sleeping well then getting up to go to work, skipping our morning workout or run because we feel hungover from rich food devoid of valuable nutrients.

No wonder we're depressed. We are running on empty fuel.   Add to this equation the stress of the holidays and our immune system is operating in the red making us more vulnerable to illness.

Cheeses, pates', sweets, breads, heavy appetizers along with limited vegetables and water, plus alcohol intake naturally creates imbalance in the body.

When we feed our body healthy food and limit alcohol intake, we sleep better, feel motivated and energized to work out which in turn prompts us to eat healthy again.
A general sense of well being, peace and calm is the balanced state that follows.
When we have unhealthy eating habits, we don't feel like working out, an activity which helps the body produce serotonin, as well.
By the time the holidays are over it takes us a few months to get back on track.
Prompted by the New Year, we are resolved to get healthy which takes 2 months to undo the damage that occurred the last quarter of the previous year.

Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Standard American

Pharmacy or Farmacy?

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Hello Sylvia,
I just wanted to commend you on how outstanding the shrimp & avocado Pico de Gallo was today! The flavors were so fresh, savory and delicious! I enjoyed every last bite! I look forward to being able to share these incredible flavors with my family & friends! Thank you again!
- Sincerely, Leo Rodriguez Goyco

Sylvia Anton with The Holistic Garden has been coaching me for a year about adequate supplementation to my meal plan.

After assessing my current health, during a Health History Assessment, recommendations were made to assist me in providing the most effective solution(s) while taking into consideration my lifestyle and what comfortably fits into my schedule so that I can continue to commit the progression of my own health to myself.

Over the past year this is the only change I have made so there is no doubt in my mind, my improved blood work is due to the supplements Sylvia has recommended along with her careful guidance.

Thank you, Sylvia, for your Health Coaching, guidance and care.

Chrisoula Miller

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